Two ways to Watch

The Tenami desktop app offers integrated video, Twitch broadcaster, and Twitch chat all in one hub, while the Tenami Chrome Extension brings you on-the-fly, in browser viewing where you can move and resize windows as you see fit.

Tenami currently supports Twitch watch parties featuring content from HBO Max, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and YouTube.

Join Watch Parties Straight from Twitch

Download the Tenami Chrome Extension to integrate with Twitch. When livestreamers are watching your favorite shows, you'll be able to join at the click of a button!

Stream Your Reactions in Line with Twitch's Community Guidelines

By watching content through Tenami, you protect yourself from DMCA Copyright strikes against your channel. Tenami will authorize, deliver, and sync all Copyrighted video and audio to your viewers who have Tenami so that you no longer have to put your channel at risk.

Read more about Twitch's Community Guidelines here.

How it works