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Rent your favorite TV shows and movies for livestreams on YouTube and Twitch.

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By leveraging the greatest hits across TV and the internet, our content helps you grow your platform quicker.
Watch your favorite shows with your community
Rent TV shows from the Tenami marketplace so that you can stream your favorite shows without fear of DMCA strikes.
Connect your YouTube and Twitch channels to license your favorite shows, and we handle the rest.
Earn payouts from each Tenami subscription
Have your community help support you with Tenami subscriptions, and benefit from both sides of the subscription split.
For each subscriber, half is paid out monthly, while the other half is received as Tenami credits for future rentals.

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TV Classics

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Stream movies directly to your Twitch channel
Link your Twitch or YouTube Account
Select a video to watch
Stream your watch party on Twitch
License your media
to the creator economy
Tenami helps distributors license TV shows and movies directly to influencers.
We call this C-TVOD, or "commercial" TVOD, where influencers can rent TV shows/movies for livestreams on Twitch or YouTube, and we've made this process incredibly easy on both ends.
If you are looking to distribute your media through creators, contact us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you.

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