Tenami now Integrates Directly with Twitch

October 10th, 2021
Today, Tenami has released a major update to their watch party service.
Tenami watch parties now integrate ‘directly’ with Twitch, allowing viewers to join watch parties without having to leave the streaming platform. The new viewing experience makes joining Disney+ watch parties and more feel like a native experience built into Twitch, bringing a new, dynamic feel to watching shows and movies with your favorite streamers.
“We’ve been working to make Tenami feel more fluid, so we developed an experience that feels like it’s practically built into Twitch. Joining watch parties feels much more natural now, and we even managed to speed up load times in the process,” said Ryan, CEO of Tenami.
With the latest update, when a streamer starts a watch party, Tenami will automatically rearrange the Twitch page for Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, or YouTube content to be watched alongside the streamer. Viewers can show and hide chat, enter theater mode, or switch between tabs like they normally would while browsing Twitch. This allows an uninterrupted experience while using Tenami.
“Tenami watch parties work like Twitch’s built-in Amazon Prime Video watch parties. Instead of streaming Netflix directly to Twitch, streamers stream themselves full screen. The Tenami service will then sync the video content for viewers that have Netflix so that Twitch streamers don’t have to worry about DMCA strikes,” continued Ryan.
About Tenami
Tenami was founded with the goal of making Netflix, anime, and movies more accessible to Twitch streamers and viewers without breaking Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) laws in the process.
Led by a diverse team, Tenami empowers growth by bringing content from Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and YouTube to Twitch live streams, enabling new ways to interact and form relationships from inside the Twitch community.
Watch Netflix with your favorite Twitch streamer, or binge the best anime on Crunchyroll with your closest friends. Tenami is the only way to host Netflix watch parties live on Twitch.
To learn more, visit https://tenami.tv.