Crunchyroll Watch Parties now Look Better Than Ever

December 12th, 2021
Image couresy of Crunchyroll.
As of today, Crunchyroll watch parties have a brand new look optimized for Twitch live streams.
With over 1,200 anime series, Crunchyroll is the largest anime supplier in the Americas, with content available less than hours after release in Japan.
Using a similar business model to YouTube, Crunchyroll allows viewers to watch most of their content without an account or subscription, making it an excellent choice for your watch party regardless of your stream size.
What Crunchyroll watch parties look like with the updated Tenami theme.
Crunchyroll Watch Parties have a New Look
The newest Tenami update optimizes the Crunchyroll watch party user experience to align with Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ watch parties. Most notably, the Crunchyroll video player has been enlarged to maximize the space that the window takes.
In addition, this latest feature brings a dark theme to the Crunchyroll website to better match Twitch chat and stream during your watch parties.
To get started with the new look, simply tune into a Twitch stream whenever they are hosting a Tenami watch party or host a watch party of your own by clicking the Tenami extension icon.
How Crunchyroll watch parties used to look.
About Tenami
Tenami was founded with the goal of making Netflix, anime, and movies more accessible to Twitch streamers and viewers without breaking Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) laws in the process.
Led by a diverse team, Tenami empowers growth by bringing content from Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and YouTube to Twitch live streams, enabling new ways to interact and form relationships from inside the Twitch community.
Watch Netflix with your favorite Twitch streamer, or binge the best animes on Crunchyroll with your closest friends. Tenami is the only way to host Netflix watch parties live on Twitch.