Live Streaming has Changed Forever

January 31st, 2023
Tenami has just announced the launch of the first ever TV and movie rental service for live streamers and content creators. Partnering with some of the world’s top movie distributors, this new feature allows Twitch users to rent movies and TV shows to watch live with their viewers.
The move is a significant step forward for live streaming, as it marks the first time TV networks and providers have looked to live streamers and content creators for distribution of their productions. With the introduction of TV and movie rentals, Twitch streamers can now provide a more diverse range of entertainment options for their viewers, catering to a wider audience and broadening general appeal.
For example, here is a trailer for one of the movies that you can expect to see, produced by Paramount (aka Viacom), whose lawsuit against YouTube surrounding Copyrighted content led to the creation of YouTube’s Content ID system we see today.
Produced by Paramount, Middle Men is one of the movies available to restream directly to your Twitch channel.
For the first time, license owners such as Paramount and Warner Media have a direct and effective way to reach online communities. With the launch of this new rental service, license owners have the opportunity to tap into the massive and growing market of live streaming to offer their content directly to live audiences. This opens up new avenues for monetization and revenue generation, as well as the potential to reach new audiences and expand their brand reach.
The launch of the first marketplace for Twitch streamers to rent TV shows and movies for watch parties is a game-changer for the live streaming medium. With access to the vast library of content, Twitch streamers can now offer a more engaging and entertaining viewing experience for their audiences. This represents a major step forward for the live streaming industry and is sure to be the start of a new era of innovation and growth.
About Tenami
Tenami is the leading content marketplace for content creators and online communities. By making TV and movies more accessible to Twitch streamers, viewers, and online communities without breaking Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) laws in the process, Tenami is paving the path for content distribution to the next generation.
Led by a diverse team, Tenami empowers growth by connecting streaming platforms, distributors, and content creators together, enabling new ways to interact with and discuss TV and movies online.
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